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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


So, last night was a bust. Well, not totally, but enough to royally suck.

The day started out pretty uneventfully, coding up some clothes for Nepthys. Actually I enjoyed doing that, it's nice to be able to help out a pretty girl. Especially if she's modelling vinyl pants and leather mini-skirts. And it's nice to know that my name is on her ass when she's wearing my handiwork.

But I digress...

After that, I spent some time organizing my archives...that was fun....made a dent, but no real progress.

Nicho and I spanked some N30 AG3NTS for a while, and then we split.

After that, I ended up teaming up with a few new No Exit potentials and Yellow PIll recipients....2 cute girls, to be specific. Good folk those 2....though the russian one is a bit weird...I think Veneer would have a field day with her. Anyway, we decide to clean up a negative element of exiles that have been causing some problems in Zia, so we go stomp their heads in like good little soldiers. My neuraljack gives out partway through and the whole team gets wiped clean.....then we try again, and all of a sudden I get an emergency transmission my my sis telling me she has to talk to me and that I need to jack-out. So...wouldn't you know neuraljack, again, gives out, and IM stuck in the bowels of this exile haven. I got out, thanks to egg-head....but I got him whacked by a mob of the angry programs.

Plus, I didnt get my date. Oh well....hopefully tonight will be better....Maybe I can convince someone to throw me a birthday party.

As for promises on a blog. I asked the boss for some shore leave so I could spend some time with my sister on my birthday. Frankly I think they're glad to be rid of me...I seem to be getting on everyone's bad side as of late. Oh well..fuck 'em....I'm gonna be me, whether they like it or not.


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