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Monday, April 04, 2005

Wild Weekend

Well, it certainly has been an interesting couple of days.

Where to begin...

Aparently, I've been labelled as the Being's "Information Specialist", which is certainly interesting. All I really did was pay attention to details. But I'll take what I can get, these days.

So, some serious shit went down the other night. A big cloak-and-dager affair that I can't go into much detail regarding, for security reasons. Suffice it to say, I've been told that the whole mess has been worked out, we just have to report in, and all should be well.
As far as damages caused by the whole thing? That still remains to be seen.

I'm worried about the kid, honestly. This whole thing kinda came down right on her head. And she's been getting the third degree from the crew about it, and I think she's about to crack. Personally, I think what she did was very honorable, and I respect her for it. And I damn sure don't think it did any harm. I won't go into what happened, but she did the right thing, despite what some of her crewmates think. SHe's young, and she's going through a lot, and it's not exactly like she has anyone to talk to about it...she's got plenty of crewmates, but I don't think she has a single friend. Kinda sad.

Veneeer is getting a little bit more confusin as well. I first thought he was asshole. A very skilled ashole, but an asshole. But lately...I don't know...He seems like an ok guy. I think he's become an ass cause people keep thinking he's some mindless, uncaring machine. After he almost threw me off a building, I think he had a breakthrough though. Who knows, maybe if he warms up a little, he might actualy make a friend or two (if he doesn't throw them off a building first).

I'm rambling again, but I guess that's alright. I've had a rough couple of days, I deserve to vent.

On the positive side of things, I finally nailed that Jump program. That was a relief. I felt like some sort of super hero or something. I felt great! What a way to unwind. I finaly got the hang of it, and went hopping around last night. Screw therapy, Jumping will cure what ails you.

Anyway. Time to go handle the menial, day-day tasks abord the ship; checking datastreams, monitoring transmission, checking the systems. I guess being the "information specialist" isn't all perks, eh?


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