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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


So...aparently we have approximately 2 hours until the end of the world....Maybe I should call The Inquirer.

Messages from an unknown source permeated the matrix last night. Something about "Contraband" and suchlike. Basically, this "unknown source" wants some "contraband code" back from us humans within 12 hours (2 now) or they will kil us all. "Platoon Leaders" have aparently been dispatched to make sure we comply.

These platoon leaders, are, aparently, those creepy red-eyed agents. Pussies compared to the real thing, but still scary. 1 showed up last night at Mara central and just started blasted to prove their point. They killed someone named Jutz...and I don't mean forced him to auto-jack-out...I mean disabled his auto-jackout and just plain iced him.

I'm scared, and I'm not too macho to admit it. But I'm not scared for me....I'm worried about my crew, my faction, and all the other people that jack in every day to try and make the world a better place (however they beleive they can do that). A lot of human and Exile lives might be lost in the next 2 hours...I hope we can figure out a way to prevent it.

Everyone seemed to think that this message came from the machines...but we received confirmation from Gray that this was untrue. We tried to figure out what else could be causing it, but so far we have nothing.....Well...Almost. I have a theory.

In my research to figure out what this might be, I stumbled across record of the "Smith Infestation." Smith was an agent, thought destroyed by Neo...but aparently their coding got crossed and it made Smith some sort of self-replicating Agent Virus with a god complex.
In searching further along this line, I found that Smith was destroyed, again, by Neo, shortly before the truce was ennacted. And I've also found data speculating that the Red-Eyed Agents I've seen around, even before this incident, were "backwash" from the Smith Infestation.

So basically....My theory is that Smith is back..and he wants something. That something he wants, I beleive, is a fragment of code that Niobe stole frm a Machine building last week. Word around the rumormill is that the Code contains information on the whereabouts of Neo's body. That clicks with Smith's M.O. He got beat down twice by the same only makes sense that he would try and get revenge somehow...even if it was just assimilating his remains.

There is my theory....and if I'm right, and Smith is involved....I'm out.....I'm not messing with that.


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