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Monday, April 18, 2005

Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow

Ok, it's been a little while, but I've been having "Me time" so kiss my ass, you aren't paying me to write this thing.

Where to start....
First, I should probably explain last week...My Birthday....yay...
I got a visit from an old friend...well, not actually still a friend, but he used to be a friend. He stopped being a friend the day he knocked on my door and told me he was ordered to kill me and I had 5 days to live. Thankfully I proved him wrong, thanks to my sister giving me the red pill the day before my time was up.
So anyway, here we are, 1 year later. I wasn't suposed to live to see my 23rd birthday, and I almost didnt live through it. Johnny, my former friend, aparently got upset that I didnt die...the 863 organization doesnt take kindly to a hitman's first failure. He told me they cut off his pinky and stripped away his honor. Anyway, so I'm having a nice dinner with my sister, and I hear Johnny the "Real". He, aparently, got so obsessed with me because I got away, that he managed to get himself unflugged, comandeer a hovercraft, and track me down to try and kill me. As you can plainly tell...he didnt succeed.
So yea, I killed one of my best friends (he was my only frind, really, when I was a bluepill) on my birthday.....and I didn't really feel bad about it. Which, of course, made me feel horrible. It's that whole "Honorable Duel" thing....I helped him reclaim his honor by assist with his seppukku...something I've never done before, and never want to do again. There's something about slicing off your friends head while he disembowels himself that just...isnt all that pleasant.

And yes, I have been drinking this morning.

Partying a lot lately. Feels pretty good, actually. Having lots of fun, meeting new people, flirting with new girls....I must say I've become a bit of a comical pimp as of late. I'm just glad these girls can take a joke. However, with all the fun I've been having, I still feel a bit shitty. Why, you ask? Why does Dr9gon, the Mack-Daddy Machinist feel bad? ....Hab hasn't returned my calls. I think I fucked up bad. Let me explain...

Friday night there was a party at Paralaxis, which Hab and I attended. Unfortuantely, though I can be the mack when it comes to hitting on girls as a joke...I have no talent for anything passed a few cheesy lines with a girl I genuinely like and want to have more of a relationship with than a quick pony and cigarette. So, what did I do to make up for my shortcomings? I tried to be suave, and failed miserably. At the end of the night she told me to "Try being more myself next time" and then took off. No goodnight kis, no hug, not even a fucking handshake..... Honestly I would've prefered if she had just slapped least then I wouldnt be wondering what the hell the next move was. I tried talking to Jan about it....but she's a girl, and gave me absolutely no help...but at least she listened to me babble, that helped.

I'll never fucking understand women. They want you to "be yourself", but when you're yourself, they want nothing to do with you. They say they want a "Sensitive man" but when you're sensitive, they cry on your shoulder and go sleep with an asshole that treats them like shit. They say "confidence is the key" but when you show confidence, they want someone who's unsure of himself. And when you try to give them the "sense of humor" they want, they laugh at you and go somewhere else. ARGH!!!

Been hanging out with Dasha a lot lately. She's a pretty solid chick, if a bit odd. She made it into No Exit, which I'm pleased with. We managed to find her "brother", strangely enough. Aparently the same guy who programmed her huerisic AI used it to make another program. Weird. So anyway, we've been hanging out, doing missions, drinking, dancing, flirting. I can't tell if her advances are, like mine, just for fun. Or if she serisouly wants some of the Dr9gon. Personally, my money is on "just for fun". Girls love to tease the Dr9gon.

Which brings me to Nepthys....
I met Nepthys through the grapevine of Hovercraft communication. She was the one who invited me to my first party, for which I'm eternally grateful. Sadly, I haven't had the oportunity to spend much time with her, as she's always mobbed by men and women of her faction. She's, aparently, very popular. I see why though. Aside from her being unbeleivably hot, she's just damn cool. SHe can put up with my flirting, and even dish it back out pretty well, too. Though, point 1 goes to me for making her shiver and giving her goosebumps. I'm so proud of that, I thought I had lost my touch. Anyway, she aparently just turned 20, so as a birthday present, I offered to touch up her tattoo. It was looking a little ragged from all the wear and tear on our RSI's. So, I'm getting ready to re-ink her, and her usual cloud of people is, of course, buzzing around her. And then she starts flipping out...I have no idea what's going on. And I'm staying out of it. She has enough people fighting over the chance to wipe her ass and make her happy, I'll just get in the way. Though, I do hope I can help in some way...even if it's just with the tattoo.

Oh well.

Sorry to jump around so much, but like I siad, I've been drinking, and I'm a little out of it.

The other night, at a CvC party...I finally learned what it felt like to want to kill yourself for following orders. Let me break it down like a fraction for you... Amnesty, every faction wants her, no one has been able to get her. Being the nice guy I am, I've talked to her before, she's a super-solid chick, and for some strange reason, she actually respects me for hammering out that truce. Anyway, we're partying, and I invite her, because I enjoy her company. So, Veneer gives me an order, and like a fucking monkey in a helmet, I follow it. I feel awful about it too....but boss-lady thinks I'm the fucking man. Not only did I go back on my promise to the CvC that bringing my crew to the party wasnt going to turn it into a recruiting drive....but I think I fucked up that poor girls mind. Sometimes I wonder why I bother..Can't seem to do something right without fucking something else up these days.

Oh, and I tried that whole "sleeping while jacked in" great. I'm just glad I had a few bags of IV fluids to hook up so I wouldnt get parched or hungry. But man, when I woke up I had to take the biggest leak I've ever had to in my life! The sleep was great though.

So, before I go, I'm just going to publicize some aspirations. I think I might have to go into the business of "Club Owner". I'm looking at the Succubus Club as an acquisition. I think it might be fun to own a club, hold parties, and generally be more imporant than just "The guys who makes bitching drinks and fixes shit on the Being". Might be a future in it for me.


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