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Friday, April 01, 2005

Page One Party you may have read in the Sentinel, there was a pretty big throw-down in Tabor Park last night. The paper said it was a war between rival drug cartels...Personally I don't think they have half a brain among there whole staff. Drug wars do not take place in the middle of an industrial park....they take place near warehouses and airfeilds, well away from the city, to ensure that the police will not get there before they can escape. Think, people, think!

But I digress. I met the crew last night, formally. I got to meet the kid, Janissary, whose blog is linked from here. She's a cute kid, it's a shame the shit she has to go through. Sucks that she can't "go home" to the nice cushy life I'm sure she had before. Pretty sick thing to have happen to a minor. At least my life was going to shit to begin with, she had all of hers ahead of her.

Listen to me...I'm going off like an old man. Jesus Christ, I need a release. I hate having to jack out....No smokes, hardly anything to drink. Luckily I managed to keep my stash from Zion. It's not much, but it helps after a rough night. Now if only I could find a damn cigarette. I'm nicking so hard I'm tempted to roll my boot up in a blanket and fire it up.

Well, at least Jonesy helped me set up a terminal in here. A little present I "procured" from the last craft I was on. I can look in on what our operator is doing, as well as our folks who are jacked in, which is always fun. Makes it easier to sleep, too, if there's a glowing monitor and the whirl of a processor fan in the room. Not that I sleep much anyway. Never have. But once in a while it's nice to rack out for a while.

Ah well, looks like jonesy is setting someone up to jack in. Wonder who it is.


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