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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Fire Bad!

So, aparently, someone uploaded the "All-Time Great Horror Movies" Program into the Matrix. This whole place is turning into Transylvania. Vampires, Werewolves, and the French, Oh My!

So, here's the skinny...Vamps and the Lupines decided they were sick of the Frog, so they decided to rise up and try to take over. The redpills taught them that trying to start shit is a bad thing, and firmly slapped the crap out of them. So they tried to ally with the rest of populace and get Everyone to try and kill the Merv. Didn't work so well. There was a rogue element, this Invalesco guy, which sounds like a crappy foriegn car. Some vamp who thought he could wear the Daddy Pants and take over the world. He's dead now. The leaders of the bats and puppies are back on the Merv's leash....all is back to normal in the circus I call home.

Well, on to other news. People, for some reason, are dropping like flies around me. It seems that I'm very good at bringing the pain, even to my companions. I guess I'm just lousy at protecting people.

I've been spending a lot of time in the Yuki Construct...getting in touch with my digital roots I guess. It just feels right, it's so beautiful. Hard to beleive it's just code.

Jan's gone...not going to talk about it.

Had a second "date" with Hab the other night. I really, really like her. And I can't seem to get her out of my head. I hate this constant nagging feeling of inadequacy that accompanies thoughts of her. Like I'm not good enough for her, and she's going to see that and kick me to the curb. Just nervous about it I guess. In the year since I've been awakened I havent really had much of a romantic life. I should shut up or I'll jinx the whole thing.

Been feeling like Wyatt Earp lately. I found a pair of revolvers lying around, and I've been getting pretty good with them. Duster and white hat, twin revolvers......Yea, I need a tin star.

Well. I think that's about it, aside from Skinner's choice of beverages. So, until next time, don't get bit.


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