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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Cut the Green Wire

So, disaster averted....wel, more or less. The Unknown Source that was sending out messages mysteriously stopped. I think the Machines are trying to find the source internally, and it's running away. Had a meeting with Skinner last night...He gave us "Standard Agent Answer v. 1.1". Basically that this was all Morpheus' doing, and maybe the Merovingian had a hand in it as well. It's bullshit. He's covering for a fuck-up on the machine end that they don't want to own up to. It's Smith and Neo, I know it.

And, of course, like the good little puppets we are, we swallowed everything Skinner said. "Get more RSI fragments then the other factions"....Gee...thanks for that brilliant and sagely advice...dick. I can't beleive that 2 factions just sat there and nodded their heads like good little Yes-men. I don't get it. Our faction leader is a smart cookie, she's got mad balls....what the hell? I've given her multiple theories, and she didn't run any of them by Skinner.

New time I have confirmation that Gray is in the matrix, I'm meeting with him myself....fuck this beaurocratic bullshit.

And then, as if this wasn't a bad enough night, Eunoia decides that we need uniforms....something with Yellow in she gets some of the guys to put on some jackets, and they end up looking like Broadway Blackwoods....then she tries some weird Biker Boyz jacket, and that looks awful too.....I don't get it...what happened to just putting on a nice suit?

Fuck it, I need a drink.


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