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Monday, April 11, 2005

Cause I'm the Man

Big news on all fronts....well...all fronts that I care about anyway.

First and foremost, Parties. I went to a couple of winners this weekend. I still maintain that CvC throws the best, but I have to say, Winter Brood's anniversary party was a blast as wel...until the Agents crashed it, but more on that later.

Met some really cool people in the last few days. Think I might have even gotten a date, which is always fun. Of all the girls to hit it off with....a Tetragrammaton member? Weird, but it works. I dig this chick, a lot. I hope I don't fuck things up too badly.

Ok....the False Agents, remember those asshats? Yea...they got an upgrade. Ok, here's the deal. The Oracle contacted all redpills, an open broadcast...pretty ballsy if you ask me. SHe told us that all the RSI Fragments we have been hording are useles without people to reassemble them. So, enter the Shapers. Old as dirt program that have been around since the beginning of the matrix. They stay hidden until they want to be found. Well guess what...they wanted to be found. SO, the Oracle tells us to protect these Shapers from the unknown source. So what happens? The Shapers become a ball in a hellish game of inter-organization football. ANd of course....someone missplaced one. So, we screwed up, and the unknown source got a Shaper. Yay. They've been upgraded. So, here we are, partying, annd all of a sudden, all 3 controllers begin contacting all redpill....Niobe and the Merovingian were speaking with was creepy. Anyway, apparently the N30 AG3Nts (THe upgrades) were apparently attacking en masse and destabilizing the matrix. So, basically, we humans learned how to set aside differences really quick. We stomped the crap out of them, but they had already ruined the it died out from there.

But there is a happy part. Before all this, I managed to call together the heads of some of the major factions from all 3 sides. We had some peace talks, and, in short, hammered out a cease-fire and an Alliance. Cool, huh? So, we have peace, at least as long as we all have a common enemy. Frankly, I'm surprised the meeting went so well. Seems that everyone was very warm to the idea of openning up the channels of communication. Lots of very honorable folk here in the matrix, it was good to sit down and chat. So, after we got our peace on, we all went to the Winter Brood's anniversary party and had a blast, until the agents showed up.

So, it's been a very entertaining weekend, with lots of good things coming from it. As a matter of fact, it was so good, I actually slept last night without the aid of entirely too much alcohol. I got up this morning, and Enjoyed my breakfast of glop. That was creepy. All in all, I'm a very happy Dr9gon.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger The Little Dragon said...

COmments are open, have a blast.

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All we have to see is how long this non-aggression pact will long...


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