Rumblings of the Dr9gon

Thursday, March 31, 2005

"...and Boy, are my arms tired."

Well, I got in touch with the crew from No Exit last night, and they had good news. And it wasn't about saving money on my car insurance. I got in, which makes me fairly happy. The best part? I got off that miserable hunk of crap, "The Whale".

I felt kinda bad about leaving them dead in the water and all, so I gave a quick shout over to Na-na on the "863" and she's going to give them a tow back to Zion.

So, I'm making my first official communication from the deck of the Being. And what a deck it is. This is one swank ship. All it needs is a pair of fuzzy dice and it would be an ideal place to call home.

I didn't get the chance to meet most of the crew, they were passed out. Must've been a long night. But I did get to meet their Operator. A mean old bastard named Jonesy. I gotta say, I like this guy, I think we'll get along well.

This crew really has their stuff together. I'm thrilled to be a part of it, I just hope I can measure up. I've been having my doubts about my skills lately.

Yea, I know, it's weird. Me having doubts. But it's true. It started last night when I got jumped by a couple of Furies. Man, they handed me my ass on a platter. And then again last night, I just couldn't get this code string to execute. I think that damned Yellow Pill screwed up something in my brain, fried my neurons or something, but I haven't felt the same since I took it.

Ah well, maybe I can get something out of the crew when they wake up.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Crap On Wheels

One word....Ouch!

I've been trying to work the repair on this ship and its equipment, but its nearly impossible. I swear they got this stuff out of a Crackjack box, and it's angry that they stole it. THe entire console has blown out 3 times. The support struts for the Operator's station gave out...dropped the whole damned thing on my head. That was fun.

Anyway, I at least managed to get them back up to broadcast minimums. They can at least Jack In now, though It looks like they'll have to lay on the floor unless we can find some salvageable material to remake the chairs.

Sometimes I forget that none of this is real, and then I usually get hit in the head, or get shocked by a power surge, and I remember that just because it's code, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

I hate this ship, the HvCT P.O.S. ....It's actually called the Whale, but it might as well be called Kitty Litter, cause thats about all its good for.

I can't wait until I figure out more about this second level of the ' will make repairs so much more simple if I can just recode the entire ship.

Ah well, maybe soon I'll get to that lesson. Off to fix the pads......damn hunk of junk.

Trade and Barter

I hate this ship.....

I split from my sister after popping the "Yellow Pill".

Bartered my way onto another ship, temporarily, in ecxchange for updating their systems and patching some bugs they had.

This system is old as dirt...and I can't get a clean transmission through....More later...hopefully.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


So last night there was this massive gathering of Pills at "The Club"...How these people survive is beyond me. Half of them are complete toolboxes, and the other half probably wouldn't last 5 minutes without the combat programs. I guess if you have a big enough guns you don't need a brain. Humans.....what a joke.

There were a few gems among the rocks, however. A few members of Winter Brood seemed like they could count to twenty without taking of their boots. But the most interesting group I had the pleasure of meeting were the folks from No Exit....Zion's database says they are an extremist faction who are controlled by the Machines...that's a steaming load if I ever heard one. Just goes to show you, people in large groups are scary. I met these people, No Exit, they seem like solid folk. They told me things that I had thought about ever since I got my plug pulled...and I think I beleive them.

The crew told me that I'd receive a "Yellow Pill" when I got back to Zion....that's a sick joke. This thing looks like something you'd use to dope a rhino up on heroin. I haven't touched the thing yet. To be honest, I'm scared. I've never been one to shy away from truth in any form...but this thing, the whole concept, scares the hell out of me. It's not that I don't beleive it, I do. In fact, I think it's about the first thing I've heard that makes sense since my sister yanked me into this mess.

As an aside, I finally finished my ink-slinger. It ain't pretty, but it works. So that makes me happy.

Well.....I guess I can't put this off any longer. Time to bite the bullet and take my medicine.

Yellow Pill, here I come.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Little Red Pill

Ok, so I was right. The world is a lie.

I have my sister to thank for this little revelation. She disappeared 6 years ago, and now she shows up and tells me about wonderland and the rabbit hole? I asked her where she was all these years, and she tells me she's been in "the real world". What the crap does that mean?! SO anyway, long story short, I take the Red Pill. And if you want to know what happens after that....find someone in too much leather with a trenchcoat.